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What is a Wishing Well?

Hey there party planners and event enthusiasts! Are you all about making your next event unforgettable but hassle free for both you and your guests and are looking for ways to make that happen? Then we need to talk about wishing wells! 

So, let’s get down to the basics! What exactly is a wishing well?  We’re sure you’re picturing a decorative card box placed on a wedding gift table or welcome table at an event, where guests can contribute their gifts of envelopes with cards and cash. A wishing well can be used for any occasion where hosts would like to receive monetary gifts. From weddings to baby showers to milestone birthdays – wishing wells over time have become the preferred method of receiving gifts.  

The concept of a wishing well however has evolved over time, and a wishing well today is not the wooden or acrylic box with the couple’s names engraved on the front, found amidst the décor of your rustic themed wedding day.  

Wishing wells have evolved to offer you so much more than merely a box for guests to drop their cards in. The humble wishing well has gracefully stepped into the digital age and it’s a transformation worth noting. Imagine the convenience of allowing your guests to send their well wishes and monetary contributions electronically. A digital wishing well makes the process smoother for everyone, eliminating the need for paper cards and managing cash gifts which will need to be supervised and kept safe until after the event when it’s practical to get to the bank.  

Now cue, The Wishing Well App – a modern day wonder, accessible via your smart phone! If you have not yet discovered The Wishing Well App – let’s break it down for you. It embodies convenience and sophistication, marrying the timeless tradition of wishing wells with the simplicity of technology. With just a few taps, you can establish your very own wishing well event, customise it to harmonise with your event’s theme and enjoy the convenience of video messages, e-cards and monetary gifts flowing in from your guests. 

 In a swiftly evolving world, the concept of a wishing well reminds us that certain traditions warrant preservation, while others beckon for innovation. So go ahead, let your events shine with the appeal of a wishing well. And, if you’re ready to embrace the concept of online wishing wells, The Wishing Well App is at your service, guiding you toward turning gifts into cherished memories, one tap at a time.  

How To Add A Wishing Well To Your Invitation

When it comes to hosting a memorable event, adding unique and engaging elements can make all the difference. One such element that’s being gaining popularity for its convenience is the inclusion of an online wishing well. Not only does it bring an interactive touch to your event, but it also allows guests to contribute in a meaningful way. In this guide, we’ll explore how to seamlessly incorporate a wishing well into your invitation.  


Adding a request to your invitation via QR code  


If you are opting for printed invitations, you can add your wishing well request to your invitation or you can include a separate insert with a heading such as “Our Wishing Well” “A note on gifts…” or “Finer Details”.  


In a post-pandemic world, everyone is familiar with the concept of a QR code! QR codes have become an innovative way to share information quickly and conveniently. Adding a QR code to your invitation is an efficient method for directing guests to your online wishing well. How does it work? It’s simple! 


  • Step 1. Create an online wishing well using The Wishing Well App.  
  • Step 2. The Wishing Well App will generate a QR code that is linked to your wishing well.  
  • Step 3. Include the QR code on your physical invitation with a clear heading, such as “Scan to contribute to Our Wishing Well” 
  • Step 4: Add brief wishing well wording on your invitation, inviting guests to participate in this tradition.  

Incorporating your Wishing Well into your wedding or event website or digital invitation  


If you’ve set up a wedding website, have an event-specific webpage, or are using digital invitations, you have another fantastic option for seamlessly integrating your wishing well. This approach offers guests the convenience of accessing your digital wishing well and event details with one tap.  


  • Step 1: Utilise The Wishing Well App to create your online wishing well.  
  • Step 2: Copy the web link to your wishing well that is generated by the app 
  • Step 3: Add the web link to your wedding or event website, under a dedicated “wishing well” or “gifts” section. 
  • Step 4: Craft wishing well wording that clearly communicates your desire for guests to participate in this tradition.  

Examples of Wishing Well Wording

When it comes to inviting your loved ones to contribute to your wishing well for your special event, finding the right words can be a challenging. The right wording adds a personal touch to your invitations and sets the tone for your celebration. Whether you’re looking for non-tacky, funny or honeymoon fund inspired expressions, we’ve got you covered with these diverse examples that strike just the right chord! 

Keep it Short and Sweet

Sometimes, less is truly more. Short and sweet wishing well wording gets straight to the point while exuding warmth and gratitude. 

“Your presence is the most cherished gift we could hope for. If you’d like to contribute in another way, a monetary gift in our wishing well would be wonderful.”  

Make It Funny

Infusing humour into your wishing well wording can bring a smile to your guest’s faces while making the request feel light-hearted.  

“We promise not to spend it all on bubblegum and comic books. But seriously, your contributions to our wishing well will help make our dreams come true”  

For a Honeymoon Fund

If you’re dreaming of a memorable honeymoon, consider wishing well wording that aligns with your wanderlust.  

“Help us embark on our dream honeymoon adventure! We really appreciate your contributions to our honeymoon fund and we’ll be thinking of you from the beach!” 

Write a Poem

Channel your inner poet and create an enchanting verse that adds in artistic flair to your wishing well request.  

“With hearts united and dreams set high, we invite you to share in our special day. Should you wish to gift in another way, a contribution to our wishing well, we’ll hold in gratitude each day” 

Casual vs Formal

Deciding between casual invitation wording or formal tone depends on the atmosphere you want to set for your event.  

Casual: “Join us as we celebrate our love and dreams. If you’d like to contribute to our wishes, we would love a gift of money through our wishing well”  

Formal: Your esteemed presence at our celebration is the greatest gift of all. For those who wish to contribute to our future endeavours, the wishing well awaits” 

Gift Registry

When integrating a gift registry, balance it seamlessly with your wishing well wording:  

“Your presence is our present, but should you wish to contribute in another way, we’ve set up a wishing well. Alternatively, our gift registry is available at [registry details].” 

Choosing the perfect wishing well wording is an art that reflects your personality and the spirit of your event. Whether you opt for short and sweet, funny, poetic, casual or formal or even a mix of these styles, remember that your words convey not just a request but also the joy of celebrating with those you hold dear.  

With these examples, you’re well on your way to crafting wishing well wording that captures the essence of your celebration. As you create your invitations, let the wishes flow and excitement build, knowing that your chosen words will set the stage for a truly memorable occasion.  


Wishing Well Signage

Sharing your wishing well through your event invitations is the best option to guarantee your guests gift in accordance with your preferences. If you haven’t included your wishing well information in your invites, don’t stress! Sharing the details of your wishing well during the event through signage and stationary can also be effective. Even if your wishing well was included in your invites, sharing again on the day of the event through thoughtful guidance and direction can encourage and ensure that your guests feel excited to participate in the wishing well tradition.  

Crafting Captivating Wishing Well Signage 

Bringing your wishing well to life during the event involves creating signage that not only captures your guests’ attention but also guides them on how to participate:  

Here’s how to create effective wishing well signage:  

1.Choose the Right Location  

Select a strategic and easily visible spot for your wishing well signage. Whether it’s near the entrance, close to the dancefloor, or by the gift table, ensure that your guests won’t miss it.  

2. Keep It Simple 

Convey your message with clarity and warmth. Use concise language that invites your guests to take part. For example:  

“Share in our joy by contributing to our dreams. Your well wishes are greatly appreciated”  

3. Highlight the Method 

If you’re utilising QR codes or web links for your wishing well, make sure to prominently display them on the signage. This makes it easy for guests to understand and follow the process.  

4. Match the Theme  

Harmonize the design and style of your signage with the overall theme of your event. This ensures that the signage seamlessly becomes part of your event’s ambiance.  

5. Personalise It 

Add a personal touch by incorporating your names or a brief thank you message, making the signage feel more intimate and heartfelt.  

6. Explore Various Approaches  

In addition to physical signage, consider other methods to encourage participation.  

Wishing Well Cards: Place cards on each table setting or at the entrance, inviting guests to take part and providing them with clear instructions 

QR Codes: Create cards with a QR code that guests can easily scan to access your online wishing well.  

Wedding website: If you’ve set up a wedding or event website, dedicate a section to your wishing well, complete with a prominent link.  

Making Your Wishing Well Shine During the Event

With your signage in place, here’s how to ensure your guests feel excited and inspired to participate:  


Include it in Your Opening Address  

Kick off the event with a warm welcome and briefly explain how the wishing well works. This sets the tone and reinforces the opportunity for guests to contribute. If you are using The Wishing Well App, make sure your guests know that they can send video messages via the app for free (when there is no monetary gift attached) throughout the event so encourage them to do so to add to your memory bank!  

Leverage the MC 

If you have a master of ceremonies, involve them encouraging guests to contribute to the wishing well at various intervals.  

Express Your Gratitude  

Throughout the event, express your gratitude for your guests’ presence and any contributions they make. This continually underscores the value of their participation.  


As you navigate the journey of creating your wishing well signage and integrating it into your event, remember that clear communication, thoughtful guidance and a heartfelt invitation work together to enhance the experience for you and your guests. With well-crafted signage, informative cards and innovative QR codes you’ll ensure that your guests feel not only well-informed but also genuinely inspired to share in your joy and dreams. 

With these examples, you’re well on your way to crafting wishing well wording that captures the essence of your celebration. As you create your invitations, let the wishes flow and excitement build, knowing that your chosen words will set the stage for a truly memorable occasion.  


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