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Create lasting memories with a digital Wishing Well that allows guests to send a video message along with their gift. 
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What is a Digital Wedding Wishing Well?

A wedding wishing well is typically a decorated box or other means for guests to deposit money inside as their wedding gift.

Traditionally, guests would drop envelopes containing cash and cards into physical “card box” at the wedding reception. However, with the rise of technology, the concept of the wedding wishing well has evolved into a modern and convenient digital experience, courtesy of The Wishing Well App.

Make it Memorable

Imagine capturing the heartfelt wishes of your wedding guests and preserving them as precious keepsakes forever. With our innovative video message feature, you can create an experience that brings gifting at your event to life and allows your guests to express their love in the most unique and personal way.

Create lasting memories with a digital wishing well that allows guests to send a video message along with their gift.

The Wishing Well App will store your video messages for 30 days on the app and after this date, we will provide you with a drive containing all of your precious video messages to keep and treasure forever.

Make It Easy For Your Guests

As you plan your dream wedding, it is essential to create a pleasant experience for your guests too.

Gone are the days of traditional card and cash gifting at weddings. With The Wishing Well App, you can revolutionise the way your guests send their love and best wishes.

Our platform provides a seamless and modern approach to monetary gifting, ensuring your celebration is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Wishing Well App allows you to simplify the gifting process and offers a user-friendly way for your guests to send their monetary gifts.

No more worrying about finding the perfect gift or carrying envelopes full of cash to the wedding. With just a few taps on their smartphones, your loved ones can make meaningful contributions to your special day.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ask my guests to use my wedding wishing well?

We recommend asking your guests to use The Wishing Well App via your event invitation. Asking your guests to use The Wishing Well App is easy and convenient. Simply include a gentle request together with your unique QR code, event code or web link on your wedding website, invitations, or event signage, requesting that your guests use The Wishing Well App to send their gift. Once your guests scan the QR code or click on the web link they will be directed to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app for free and with a few taps will be able to send their gift to you.

Currently, The Wishing Well App is available exclusively in Australia, and the app cannot be downloaded or accessed internationally. Therefore, overseas guests who are not in Australia will not be able to use the app for gifting. However, overseas guests are able to access your event and send gifts through our website. We understand the importance of including all your loved ones in your special day, regardless of their location. To ensure that overseas guests can still be part of your celebration, we recommend you provide our website and your unique event code to those guests to access your online wishing well. Rest assured, we are constantly working to expand our reach to cater to a global audience in the future.

Absolutely! The Wishing Well App is the perfect platform for receiving contributions towards your dream honeymoon. Create your personalised wedding event on the app, and customise the description to reflect your honeymoon fund preferences. Invite your guests to be a part of your special journey by sharing your unique QR code or web link through your wedding website, invitations, or event signage. You can include wording on your invitations to let your guests know that their gift will be going towards your honeymoon. Your loved ones can then contribute seamlessly and securely, making your dream honeymoon a reality.

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