How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts For Your Wedding

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Weddings are not just celebrations of love, but also opportunities to gather with family and friends to create cherished memories. As couples seek to personalise their special day, the trend of asking for money instead of traditional gifts has gained popularity. While this approach might be a departure from traditional wedding etiquette, it offers a practical and heartfelt way to fund your dreams as a couple. In this blog, we’ll dive into the art of asking for money in lieu of a physical wedding gift for your wedding, exploring the nuances and considerations that can make this choice both meaningful and seamless.  

Is It OK to Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift?

Weddings are a celebration of love, unity and the beginning of a beautiful journey as a couple. As you plan your big day, you’ll likely come across the question of whether it’s acceptable to ask for money as a wedding gift. While traditional wedding etiquette has long emphasised tangible gifts, times are changing and so are people’s preferences and needs. Providing your guests with clear information on your gift preferences can lead to a more thoughtful and seamless celebration.  

Why Share Your Gift Preferences? 


In the past, wedding registries predominantly consisted of household items aimed at setting up a new home. However, the dynamics of modern life have evolved. Many couples may already have a home filled with essentials, making the idea of accumulating more material possessions less appealing. This is where your sharing gift preferences becomes essential.  


Clarity and Convenience 

By communicating your gift preferences, you help your guests make choices that truly align with your needs and desires. Whether it’s contributing to a honeymoon fund, a down payment on a home or an experience of your dreams, clarity benefits both you and your loves ones.  


Reducing Unwanted Gifts 

Providing gift preferences can prevent guests from feeling obligated to choose random items that may not hold value for you. It also minimises the risk of receiving duplicates or items that don’t fit your lifestyle. 


Guests Appreciate Guidance 

Your loved ones want to gift you something meaningful. When you provide them with insight into your wishes, they can focus on giving you a gift that truly resonates with your aspirations.  

Requesting a Monetary Gift with Grace 

Asking for money can feel unfamiliar, and you might worry about coming across as rude or presumptuous. However, there are gracious ways to navigate this choice:  

Communicate Thoughtfully 

Include a brief note in your wedding invitations or on your wedding website expressing your preference for a monetary gift. Remember to emphasise that their presence is the most important gift of all.  

Share Your Vision 

Explain why you’re opting for monetary gifts. You can mention plans like starting a home, embarking on a dream honeymoon or simply building a strong foundation for your life together.  

Focus on Gratitude 

Express your appreciation for their love and support regardless of their chosen gift. Let them know that their contribution, no matter the amount, means the world to you.  

Choose a Trustworthy Platform  

If you’re considering an online wishing well, platforms like The Wishing Well App offer an elegant and secure way for guests to contribute. This modern approach aligns with today’s digital lifestyle.  

In a world where experiences and shared moments hold tremendous value, it’s more than OK to ask for money as a wedding gift. The key is to approach it with transparency, grace and gratitude. Remember that your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate your love and your journey as a couple and the gifts you receive should reflect your unique dreams and aspirations. By sharing your gift preferences, you’re inviting your loved ones to play a part in crafting the beautiful life you’re building together. 

Use A Digital Wishing Well

When it comes to celebrating life’s most precious moments, the act of gift-giving takes on special significance. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, these occasions are opportunities to share in joy, love and dreams. As times change and preferences evolve, the concept of gifting has transformed too, giving rise to the innovative concept of a digital wishing well. In this article, we’ll explore what a digital wishing well is, when it’s apt to use and why it’s a fantastic option for those who prefer cash gifts.  

Defining the Digital Wishing Well and Its Versatility 

A digital wishing well, unlike a physical gift, is a heartfelt way for hosts to express their gift preferences to guests. Instead of traditional gifts, a digital wishing well invites guests to contribute funds that the hosts can use according to their dreams and aspirations. This modern approach resonates with events where traditional gifts might not align with the couple’s needs, such as weddings, baby showers and milestone celebrations.  

Why The Wishing Well App Stands Out 

At the forefront of the digital wishing well movement is The Wishing Well App, an exceptional platform that enriches the gift-giving experience for both hosts and guests. Here’s why this app has become a game changer:  

  1. Free for Hosts: The Wishing Well App offers a remarkable benefit – it’s completely free for event hosts to use. This means hosts can easily set up their digital wishing well and take advantage of all the amazing features and services provided by The Wishing Well App without paying a cent. 
  2. Cost-Efficient for Guests: Sending a gift through The Wishing Well App costs guests significantly less than the combined expense of a traditional card and ATM withdrawal fees and offers an extremely convenient gifting option. This cost saving approach respects guest’s budgets while maintaining the sentiment of gifting.  
  3. Video Messaging and E-Card Feature: The Wishing Well App goes beyond mere transactions by allowing guests to attach video messages and e-cards to their contributions. This adds a personalised touch and creates an opportunity to make memories that is often missing in traditional gifting.  
  4. Comprehensive Event Details: The Wishing Well App isn’t limited to gifting alone. It provides guests with access to all event details ensuring they are well informed about the event schedule, location and more with these details being available at their fingertips.  
  5. Interactive Map Feature: Navigating to the event venue becomes seamless with the app’s interactive map feature, which guides guests right to the celebration using their device.  
  6. Gift Summary for Hosts: The Wishing Well App provides the event host with a gift summary feature that helps track of gifts, making the post-event process smooth and organised.  
A Modern Way to Share in Love and Joy 
As you plan your upcoming celebration, consider The Wishing Well App as a dynamic tool to communicate your gifting preferences and enhance the overall experience. This modern approach respects the changing dynamics of gifting while fostering a deeper sense of connection and celebration. By embracing the digital wishing well movement and leveraging the unique features of The Wishing Well App, you’re not just inviting your loved ones to contribute to your dreams but also redefining the way we express love, joy and shared moments.  

How To Communicate Your Gift Preferences

Navigating the realm of wedding gifts can be both exciting and intricate. While traditional wedding registries have long focused on tangible items, the modern landscape of gift preferences has expanded to include cash gifts and experiences that resonate with a couple’s unique journey. Communicating your gift preferences thoughtfully can ensure both you and your wedding guests are on the same page, leading to a more joyful and meaningful celebration. Let’s explore creative and graceful ways to convey your gift preferences, whether it’s through invitations, wedding websites or on the day of your event. 


Including Your Gift Preferences in the Invitation 


Subtle and Gracious Wording: 

Integrate a brief and gentle note within your wedding invitations that notes your preference for monetary gifts or a honeymoon fund. Emphasise that their presence is valued most, and their contribution would be appreciated.  

Mentioning the Purpose:  

If you have specific plans for the cash wedding gifts, such as a honeymoon or new home, sharing these intentions can make the request relatable and personal. 


Weaving Your Gift Preferences into Your Wedding Website 


Dedicate a Section: 

Create a dedicated page on your wedding website that explains your gift preferences. This is a wonderful space to provide more details about your dreams and plans.  

Fun Light-hearted Approach 

Infuse your gift preference communication with a touch of humour. Consider sharing funny anecdotes or engaging visuals to lighten the mood while conveying your wishes.  

Creating Poetic Appeals:  

If you have a creative flair, consider weaving your request into a poem that beautifully expresses your desires for the future. Poems add an artistic and personal touch to your message.  


Signage on the Day: Guiding Guests with Grace 


Elegant Signage 

Incorporate signage near your welcome table that gently lets your guests know about your gift preferences. Use elegant language that aligns with the overall tone of your event.  

Express Gratitude:  

Express your thankfulness for your guests’ presence and reassure them that their contributions, no matter the size are appreciated and meaningful. 



Combining Honeymoon Fund and Gift Registry 


Explaining Your Choices 

If you’re setting up a honeymoon fund or an online gift registry, provide clear instructions on your wedding website. Explain how these options work and how guests can participate.  

Highlighting Experiences 

Emphasise that the funds will be used for experiences that enrich your journey as a couple, whether it’s a dream vacation, home upgrades or shared adventures. 


Remember, It’s All About Connection 


Communicating your gift preferences is about fostering a deeper connection with your loved ones. It’s a way to invite them to be part of your journey as a couple and to contribute in a way that resonates with your aspirations. Whether you’re aiming for elegance, humour or poetic expression, the key is to approach it with warmth and gratitude. By sharing your gift preferences creatively and transparently, you create a more engaging and meaningful experience for both you and your guests. So go ahead and craft your communication with care and tact, inviting your loved ones to celebrate with you in a way that reflects your unique love story.  

Examples of Wishing Well Wording (that we promise are non-tacky!)

As you embark on the exciting journey of planning your wedding, you’ll find that the language you use plays a significant role in conveying the sentiment and style of your celebration. When it comes to requesting contributions to a wishing well, finding the right words can be a fun challenge. Here are 3 examples of wishing well wording, ensuring that your engagement wishes are beautifully expressed without a hint of tackiness! 


Embracing Our New Adventure 

“Your presence at our wedding is a cherished gift, and if you’re considering another way to contribute, a monetary gift to our honeymoon registry fund will help us embark on this exciting adventure together. Your blessings and well wishes mean the world to us” 

Celebrating Love and Dreams  

“As we celebrate the joy of our union, your presence is the most valuable gift we could ask for. If you’re inclined to contribute, our wishing well is designed to help us start our new chapter together. We’re truly touched by your kindness” 

Sharing in Our Happiness 

“Your presence on our special day fills our hearts with happiness, and your warm wishes are more than we could have dreamed of. For those who wish to contribute with a gift, you can kindly do so via our wishing well to help us along the way” 


Remember, by choosing wishing well wording for your wedding that reflects your personal style and the sentiment of your special day, you ensure that your wedding wishes are as beautifully expressed as the love you share. 

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