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Create lasting memories with a digital Wishing Well that allows guests to send a video message along with their gift. 
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The Digital Gifting Experience

Creating a digital wishing well for an engagement party provides a seamless way for guests to send gifts and contribute towards the couple’s wedding or honeymoon. The Wishing Well App takes the hassle out of sending and receiving engagement party gifts. Instead of traditional gift registries or physical wishing well boxes, guests can make monetary contributions directly through The Wishing Well App. 

Our app simplifies the gift-giving process, saving guests time and effort in selecting and presenting physical gifts. It also saves the host time by eliminating the need to establish a gift registry.

Make It Simple For Your Guests

The Wishing Well App prides itself on its simplicity, security, and functionality, not only for the event host but for each and every guest. We recommend that event hosts create their event using the Wishing Well App prior to sending out their engagement party invitations, this will allow the event host to send the QR code, event code or web link to their guests via the event invitation. 

Once your event has been created, your guests can start sending you gifts as soon as they receive their invitations. The event will stay active for 30 days after the event end date, this will allow guests to send you a monetary gift even after your engagement party. All funds will be deposited directly into the hosts bank account within 3-5 business days of the guest sending their gift – if a guest sends a gift before your event, you don’t need to wait until the date of your engagement party to receive your gifts!


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How To Ask Your Guests To Contribute To Your Engagement Wishing Well

 When it comes to engagement party wishing wells, it’s essential to approach the topic subtly but with clarity. Clear and polite wording in the engagement party invitations can gently inform guests about the presence of a digital wishing well. Expressing the couple’s appreciation for guests’ presence and their desire to celebrate this special milestone can set a warm and inviting tone. Including a link or Qr code to The Wishing Well App in the invitation makes it convenient for guests to participate if they wish to do so. Here is an example of wording that can be included on your invitation to politely request that guests send a monetary gift with The Wishing Well App:

“Your presence is present enough,

 however, should you wish to celebrate with a gift,

we kindly request a monetary gift to put towards our future, using the Wishing Well App”


Should You Have A Wishing Well At Your Engagement Party?

With an increase in the number of engagement parties being hosted in Australia each year, the question remains to be answered, is it socially acceptable to have a wishing well at an engagement party? In short, the answer is yes. When we think of wishing wells, our minds often drift to a wedding wishing well. However, the tradition of a wishing well can extend beyond weddings to other special occasions, such as engagement parties. Our research shows that couples hosting an engagement party, and guests attending an engagement party in Australia, prefer to receive and give monetary gifts using a digital wishing well rather than receiving cash gifts through a traditional wishing well engagement box or gift registry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Wishing Well App?

The Wishing Well App is free to download. Unlike other gifting websites, the Wishing Well App ensures the app is COMPLETELY FREE for all event hosts to use. As an event host you don’t pay a cent for creating your wishing well or receiving your gift or messages. Your guests are charged an administration fee of $2.00 and a payment processing fee by Stripe (1.75% =$0.30) which is added to the total gift amount (not deducted from the gift). Based on an average gift amount of $300, The Wishing Well App costs less for sending a gift than a card and ATM withdrawal fees.

When setting up your Wishing Well account, you will be directed to our secure payment gateway Stripe, to also set up a Stripe account and enter the details for your nominated bank account. All of our payments are processed through Stripe to ensure payments are made securely. Payments will be paid to your nominated bank account by Stripe within 3-5 business days of the gift being sent by your guest. You will be notified within the app and by email whenever a gift has been sent to you.

We recommend asking your guests to use The Wishing Well App via your event invitation. Asking your guests to use The Wishing Well App is easy and convenient. Simply include a gentle request together with your unique QR code, event code or web link on your engagement invitations or event signage, requesting that your guests use The Wishing Well App to send their gift. Once your guests scan the QR code or click on the web link they will be directed to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app for free and with a few taps will be able to send their gift to you.

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