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Create lasting memories with a digital Wishing Well that allows guests to send a video message along with their gift. 
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A Better Way to Create A Birthday Registry

Celebrating birthdays is a special tradition, filled with joy, love and memorable moments. As you plan your birthday bash, why settle for traditional birthday registries, physical gifts or physical wishing well boxes? The Wishing Well App introduces a modern, eco-friendly and hassle-free approach to birthday gifting – the digital birthday wishing well.


A birthday wishing well is a delightful concept where friends and family can shower the birthday boy or girl with love and contributions in the form of monetary gifts which can be used towards something special that they have been saving for or for unforgettable experiences.

A Memorable Milestone

Birthdays are more than just another year passing; they are significant milestones filled with love, laughter and cherished memories. Whether it’s a milestone 21st birthday, a precious 1st birthday or a fabulous 40th birthday, or any age in between, The Wishing Well App offers a modern and delightful way to celebrate your special day.

Gone are the days of traditional birthday registries and plain old birthday cards. With The Wishing Well App,  you can transform your birthday celebration into an extraordinary experience. Our digital wishing well lets your loved ones send their heartfelt monetary gifts, and that’s not all – they can also share a video message along with their contribution. Imagine the joy of reliving those heart warming birthday wishes, capturing the essence of love and celebration in the most personalised way.

Take The Hassle Out Of Gift Giving

We’ve all been there- receiving gifts that are well-intentioned but miss the mark. With The Wishing Well App you can say goodbye to those awkward moments and welcome a birthday filled with gifts you truly desire.

You know exactly what you want, so why leave it up to chance? When setting up your event on The Wishing Well App include the in the event description what your monetary gifts will be going towards – whether it’s the latest tech gadget, a special piece of jewellery or an experience you’ve been longing for, your guests will be delighted to contribute to something that genuinely makes you happy.

So how do you set up your birthday wishing well on The Wishing Well App? It’s as easy as:



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a birthday wishing well?

A birthday wishing well is a modern and convenient way to simplify gift-giving during birthday celebrations. Instead of receiving numerous gifts that might not align with your preferences, you can let your guests know what your desired gifts or experiences are on the app and they can make monetary gifts to contribute towards your wish list. When inviting your guests to your birthday, simply share the unique QR code or web link that is generated when you set up your event on The Wishing Well App. Guests can scan the code or click on the link and easily access your birthday wishing well to make a monetary gift and send video messages and e-cards to make your celebration truly memorable. Say goodbye to unwanted gifts and hello to a hassle-free and heart warming gift giving experience with The Wishing Well App.

Asking for money instead of gifts for your birthday is becoming increasingly common, and there are polite and thoughtful ways to communicate your preference to your guests. Firstly, it’s essential to be honest and straightforward. You can mention on your birthday invitations or event page that you’d prefer monetary gifts to help you with a specific goal or plan. Emphasize that their presence is the most important gift, and any contributions towards your goal would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, you can use The Wishing Well App to create a virtual birthday wishing well, where guests can easily contribute money towards your desired goal or wishlist. This way, you make it convenient for your guests while ensuring they know their gift will be used for something meaningful and special to you.

To ask your guests to use The Wishing Well App, simply include a message in your birthday invitations or event details, politely letting them know The Wishing Well App is your preference for gifting. Let them know that you’d love for them to contribute towards something you really want. You can mention that using the app is easy and hassle-free. We recommend you provide your guests with the unique QR code or web link generated by the app, so they can easily access your wishing well. It’s a convenient and thoughtful way for them to be a part of your special day and give you something you truly desire.

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