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Create lasting memories with a digital Wishing Well that allows guests to electronically RSVP and send a video message along with their gift. 

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Streamlined Convenience:
Digital RSVP & Gifts

The Wishing Well App is the integrated digital service you need for your next event, that is completely FREE for event hosts to use! By sharing one unique QR code or web link, your guests can use The Wishing Well App to send a digital RSVP and monetary gifts to you.

Celebrate your special occasion with peace of mind knowing you are conveniently receiving electronic RSVP’s and securely receiving monetary gifts all via one game changing digital platform, without having to worry about the logistics!

You will have access to an electronic RSVP list that is downloadable and updated in real time, letting you know which guests can or can’t attend as well as your guest’s dietary requirements. The Wishing Well App also generates a convenient summary of all gifts received, making keeping track a breeze!

Make it Memorable

The Wishing Well App is the ultimate digital gifting platform designed to make every special occasion truly unforgettable. Our innovative app allows event hosts to receive monetary gifts, heartfelt video messages and e-cards, ensuring that the gifting experience becomes a cherished memory. 

By encouraging guests to send personal messages through video messages, and e-cards alongside their monetary gifts, you facilitate a heartfelt exchange that goes beyond a mere transaction. These messages become treasured memories and reminders of the joy and love shared during the event.

Say Goodbye To Traditional Paper Cards

In an era where sustainability and convenience go hand in hand, it’s time to bid farewell to traditional paper cards and traditional wedding gifts and to embrace a modern, eco-friendly, and hassle-free approach to gifting. The Wishing Well App serves as a seamless and unique platform for guests to send monetary gifts, replacing the need for physical cards and traditional or online wedding registries. 

Offering unparalleled convenience for both event hosts and guests, you can send monetary gifts with just a few clicks, saving time and effort compared to the traditional process of purchasing physical gifts, withdrawing cash from an ATM and buying an expensive card.

Remove the worry of misplaced or lost cash and enjoy a stress-free experience, knowing that all monetary gifts are safely transferred into your nominated bank account. 

Gifting For All Occasions

With just a few clicks on our user-friendly platform, you can keep track of the gifts and RSVP’s from any event and appreciate the thoughtfulness of your guests.

Provide a convenient way to manage and receive gifts and RSVP’s for your wedding. With The Wishing Well App’s online wishing well and digital wedding registry and RSVP features, couples can create a personalised and seamless gifting experience for their special day. Eliminate the challenges of keeping up with your guest list, storing, managing and transporting physical items and the need to worry about keeping cash gifts safe during the wedding. The Wishing Well App streamlines the process for couples by providing a comprehensive electronic overview of all RSVP’s and contributions received, simplifying gift management and ensuring a hassle-free pre and post-wedding experience.

The Wishing Well App is ideal for engagement parties, offering a practical and convenient solution for guests to provide monetary gifts for the soon-to-be-wed couple. As engagement parties often serve as a precursor to weddings, the app’s online wishing well feature allows guests to contribute monetary gifts that can be put towards your wedding preparations. Whether it’s saving for venue bookings, catering or other wedding related expenses, cash gifts prove to be immensely helpful during this stage. The Wishing Well App’s secure and user-friendly interface guarantees that you receive the gifts safely while providing guests with the ease and convenience of digital transactions.

The Wishing Well App is an extremely versatile gifting option for birthdays and caters to both milestone celebrations and kids’ birthdays alike. Whether it’s a dream vacation or a cherished item, The Wishing Well App enables friends and family to make meaningful contributions to celebrate the milestone in a memorable way.

For kids’ birthdays, The Wishing Well App simplifies the gifting process for parents and guests, ensuring flexibility and avoiding duplicate toys or unwanted excess items. This allows parents to accumulate funds for special gifts or experiences that their child desires, enabling the freedom to choose.

Turn your dream honeymoon into a reality with The Wishing Well App! By setting up an online wishing well specifically designated for your honeymoon, you can invite friends and family to contribute monetary gifts through The Wishing Well App. This eliminates the need for traditional wedding gifts and instead allows guests to directly contribute to your post-wedding getaway. With the flexibility to use the funds towards flights, accommodation, activities and more, The Wishing Well App ensures that you can create cherished memories during your honeymoon without the financial burden.  

Say goodbye to the baby shower gift registry! With the freedom to choose how much to give, guests can collectively contribute towards meaningful items or experiences that are truly appreciated, such as maternity or newborn photography or towards setting up the nursery in the parents chosen style and taste.

How Does It Work?

Our secure and convenient platform ensures seamless contributions, making your celebration even more memorable. The best part is that it is completely free for you to receive your RSVP’s, gifts, messages and videos!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive your gifts via The Wishing Well App?

A virtual wishing well is an online platform that allows event hosts to receive monetary gifts or contributions digitally. It serves as a modern alternative to traditional physical wishing wells, where guests would typically drop physical gifts or cash. With a virtual wishing well via The Wishing Well App, guests can contribute funds through secure online transactions to the event host’s nominated bank account, accompanied by e-cards and personalised video messages. This digital platform provides a convenient and seamless experience for both gift givers and recipients, eliminating the need to keep cash and physical gifts safe and secure during the event and having to deposit cash at the bank immediately after the event. Virtual wishing wells are commonly used for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays and other special events, allowing individuals to receive monetary contributions towards specific goals or experiences. It offers a flexible and efficient way to express well wishes and make meaningful contributions in the digital age.

While an online registry and The Wishing Well App share the goal of facilitating gift-giving for special occasions. There are notable differences between the two.

An online registry typically focuses on specific tangible items that the gift recipient desires. It allows individuals to create a list of desired gifts from a particular store or platform, giving guests the option to purchase and ship those specific items. Online registries take a lot of time to curate and putting the list together can be an overwhelming and challenging experience.

On the other hand, The Wishing Well App offers a broader and more flexible approach. It serves as a digital platform where guests can contribute monetary gifts directly to the recipient. The Wishing Well App provides the freedom for recipients to allocate those funds as they wish, whether it’s for specific items, experiences or saving towards future goals – making it the more eco-friendly and sustainable gifting option. The Wishing Well App offers convenience, as guests can securely send their contributions digitally, eliminating the need for physical gift shopping and delivery.

In summary, while an online registry focuses on specific tangible items, The Wishing Well App provides a versatile and personalised way to receive monetary gifts that can be used according to the recipient’s preference.

When requesting your guests to use your online wishing well, it’s important to make it clear, concise and easily accessible. Here’s how you can include the request on your invitations:

  1. Create a clear message: craft a short and friendly message that communicates your preference for monetary gifts through The Wishing Well App. For example, “if you wish to honour us with a gift, a monetary gift via The Wishing Well App would be very welcome”.
  2. Mention the convenience: emphasise the convenience and ease of using The Wishing Well App, noting that it simplifies the gift giving process for both guests and yourselves. For example, “with our online wishing well, you can contribute securely and conveniently from the comfort of your home”
  3. Provide necessary information: Include the QR code, event code or web link on the invitations that leads directly to your online wishing well. You can add a line such as “scan the QR code or click on the web link that leads directly to our online wishing well”.
  4. Express gratitude: Convey your appreciation in advance of receiving gifts, highlighting that their presence is the most important gift of all.


By following these steps and incorporating the request in your invitations, you will effectively inform your guests about your preference for using The Wishing Well App and make it easily accessible for them to send gifts in your preferred method for your celebration.

1. Instruct your guests to download The Wishing Well App from their respective app stores. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
2. Guests can search for your event within the app by providing the event code or can access your event by scanning the unique QR code or clicking on the web link. Your event will save automatically to their app and they will not have to search it again.
3. Once they have accessed your event, it will be saved to their app along with your event details and an interactive map to the venue. They can navigate the app to send a gift, video message and e-card.
4. Guests can enter the amount they desire to gift and add a personal message. We recommend encouraging your guests to include an e-card or video message to make it more meaningful and heartfelt.
5. Guests can securely complete the transaction within the app using their preferred payment method. They will receive a summary of the fees to send their gift before they click confirm (which includes a $2 admin fee and Stripe processing fee). The cost to send a gift is less than buying a card and the fees are added to, not deducted from the gift amount.

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